HCG Launches Biograph m CT-World’s First Molecular CT ; A Boon For Early Diagnosis

Bangalore 18th March 2011:

HCG launched the world’s 1st Biograph m CT, an advanced technology of a High Definition PET CT scan which is the next level of integrated imaging.

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Dr.Rodney Hicks Professor & Director –Molecular Imaging at Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia said “This is an advanced technology with the ability to make the diagnosis precise. Thus during treatment, radiotherapy can be targeted to the cancer cells without affecting the good cells. With this technology the side effects of radiotherapy can be minimized”.

Dr. Ajaikumar Chairman HCG said “Metabolic changes of an organ can be noticed much before anyone can see anatomical changes. Thus early diagnosis is possible through PET CT.India has already acquired 70 PET CT scan machines, of which HCG alone has four similar machines across its centers and has ordered five more PET CT scanners. However HCG is the only center in India to have acquired HD PET CT.

source: PR-Usa


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