GE Announces Groundbreaking MR Scanner Featuring Exceptional Patient Experience, Compact Design And High Resolution Images

Fairfield, Conn., March 28, 2011 – (NYSE: GE) – GE today announced the launch of the Optima* MR430s, a new specialty scanner with breakthrough technology that delivers precise imaging with exceptional comfort and the 1.5T image quality radiologists require. The Optima MR430s is an extreme leap forward in MR imaging because only the targeted anatomy – whether it’s an arm or a leg – goes inside the system. It is the latest in a series of innovative health technologies that provide better health to more people through GE’s healthymagination initiative.

“GE's Optima MR430s extremity scanner stands out because it ensures high quality images and a more refined, comfortable MR experience for those who have suffered injuries to an arm, leg or even a wrist or ankle,” said Dr. William B. Morrison, Director of Musculoskeletal Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. “This scanning technology helps eliminate anxiety and discomfort often associated with full-body MR technology.”

The Optima MR430s is a musculoskeletal MR system that delivers precise imaging of the arm, including elbow, wrist and hand, or the leg, including knee, ankle and foot, allowing the patient to recline on a comfortable padded and adjustable chair with only the targeted anatomy positioned in the system. The innovative design is patient-friendly and may provide greater peace of mind, especially for those who have trouble laying still or feel uncomfortable with a traditional MR system.

source: GE Medical


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