New MRI/Radiology Blindfold No Metal

Toms River, NJ - June 16, 2008 -- Terry Weber of Originals By Weber announces immediate availability of their new MRI Safe Blindfold examination mask; it is specifically designed with no metal parts for use during MRI and Radiology examinations of patients. The mask, made of disposable lightweight, non-toxic black foam with an adjustable elastic strap,(one size fits all) is comfortable to wear and low in cost. Mask can be used once and discarded or, with an optional Tissue Liner inserted between inside of mask and patient's face, basic mask can be re-used by many patients by simply replacing the used tissues with a new Tissue Pack (5-tissues in each pack). These Tissue Liners make the mask re-usable because they keep the inside of the mask always clean, fresh and sanitary. Another available option is Weber's new Washable Liner to keep inside of mask clean.

source: Conservative Voice

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megha said...

that looks good..... may be its the next revolution in health science.

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