Aquilion ONE, World's First Dynamic Volume Computed Tomography Scanner With 320 Simultaneous Slices

Toshiba Medical Systems has introduced the Aquilion ONE CT scanner, a revolution in Computed Tomography (CT) technology that dramatically shortens the diagnosis of cardiac and stroke patients to a fraction of the usual time.

As the world's first dynamic volume CT, the Toshiba Aquilion ONE captures dynamic processes such as blood flow and organ function, in real-time three-dimensional (3D) clarity. With this technology, a medical exam can be completed in mere minutes, and with less radiation and contrast dose to the patient.

"The introduction of dynamic volume CT marks an important milestone in the history of computed tomography," said Yusuke Toki, General Manager, CT Division, Toshiba Medical Systems. "Aquilion ONE is the culmination of a decade of dedicated research and establishes a new frontier in CT imaging, offering advanced applications that can significantly enhance patient care while reducing the cost of healthcare worldwide."

source: MedLexicon

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