New Development In Computed Tomography: Dual Energy

Encouraged by the outstanding marketing success of the worldwide first Dual-Source CT system Somatom Definition with two X-ray tubes that simultaneously generate different energies, Siemens Healthcare has already developed six specific dual energy applications. At the ECR 2008, Siemens presents four new applications that simplify the diagnosis of diseases of the heart, brain, lungs and extremity joints.

Research in computed tomography is currently focused on using dual energy (DE) to distinguish between different tissues on CT images. While other manufacturers are trying to generate different energies with a single X-ray tube, Siemens launched the Somatom Definition already four years ago - a Dual Source CT scanner with two X-ray tubes that simultaneously work with two different radiation energies. A great variety of information about the type and composition of the tissue and the perfusion of an organ can be derived from a data record acquired with a single scan for which several examination steps or procedures had been necessary in the past.

source: Siemens Healthcare

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