Surgical innovation centre conducts study on breast MRI

HAMILTON, Ont. – The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is launching a research project to understand the US radiologist’s perspective on the use of MRI for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The primary method of screening for breast cancer in the US is mammography and the primary method of treating a cancerous breast lesion is to perform surgical excision with the potential for drug and radiation therapy when an invasive cancer is found.

MRI is used as a secondary screening tool for women with a high-risk for developing breast cancer. It is not commonly used as an imaging modality for women not in the high-risk category.

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is developing technology to enable the performance of breast biopsy and potentially ablative therapies in the MRI environment. They would like to understand the following:

• General perceptions and attitudes toward breast MRI • Current trends and procedural volumes in MR breast screening and Biopsy • Perspectives on the current clinical and screening pathway for high-risk patients • Attitudes toward MR breast screening and procedures • Current preferred methods for biopsy in the MR environment • Perspectives on reimbursement for these procedures • The role of the clinician in the capital purchase process • Perspectives on the adoption rate (and influencers to the adoption rate) of new technologies in the MR environment • Reactions to a written concept describing a new system to perform breast biopsy and treatment in the MRI environment

source: Canadian Healthcare Technology

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