Medical Arts Radiology Introduces First Volumetric PET/CT to Long Island

PET/CT scanning is a powerful diagnostic tool in medicine and has revolutionized the field of oncology. Medical Arts Radiology, one of the first sites on Long Island to offer PET/CT, has extensive expertise in the performance and interpretation of this important imaging modality.

Medical Arts Radiology introduces the GE Discovery VCT to its Plainview location, offering improved patient safety with new, state-of-the-art crystal technology. The Discovery VCT’s ultra-fast LSO crystal produces enhanced quality images, and brings significant advantages to 3-D volumetric acquisition. In addition, the VCT addresses one of the biggest challenges in PET/CT – motion artifact, enabling detailed and precise imaging even in areas subject to motion, like the heart and lungs.

These advances in PET/CT technology being employed by Medical Arts offer an improved measure of patient safety, boasting a faster scan time and reduces the dose of radiation necessary to produce enhanced quality images.

source: PR Web

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