Toshiba Installs 1,000th MR System Worldwide

TUSTIN, Calif., Aug. 30, 2010 – Diagnostic imaging leader Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. has installed its 1,000th MR system worldwide. Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro, the only pediatric outpatient facility of its type in Kentucky, is the site of Toshiba’s milestone installation. The new facility, dedicated to the care of children, is located in the eastern suburbs of Louisville, Ky., and is the newest addition to Kosair Children’s Hospital and the Norton Healthcare Network.

As one of the only pediatric outpatient centers in the Kentucky area, Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro will use the Toshiba Vantage Atlas® MR for general radiology imaging, including both cardiac and neuro imaging, for its pediatric population. The Vantage Atlas MR is an ideal system for a pediatric facility because it offers several patient-friendly features, including Toshiba’s patented PianissimoTM technology, which reduces acoustic noise by as much as 90 percent. Reducing exam noise creates a more comfortable exam experience and improves patient compliance by helping children relax and stay still during the MR exam process, which can also reduce the need for patient sedation.

“We selected the Vantage Atlas because it offers a quiet, quick and safe exam, which is what’s needed in a pediatric setting,” said Dr. Jeff Foster, director of Radiology, Kosair Children’s Hospital. “Additionally, the Vantage Atlas improves patient care by offering a strong, fast magnet that provides outstanding image quality. Receiving high-quality images allows us to diagnose a patient and develop a treatment plan quickly, which is critical for providing the best care to our patients.”

source: Toshiba Medical

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