Toshiba's Large Open Bore Mr System Improves Workflow At Overlake Hospital

TUSTIN, Calif., May 26, 2010 – Improving MR exam workflow without sacrificing patient safety, exam comfort or image quality is a goal for many health care facilities. Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Wash., selected Toshiba America Medical Systems’ patient-friendly Vantage TitanTM ultra-short, open bore MR system to achieve this goal in its new MR facility.

Before acquiring the Titan, Overlake did not own an MR system and therefore was required to outsource all of its MR exams, a time-consuming and cumbersome experience for both the patient and physician. Since installing the Titan, Overlake patients receive MR exams immediately and on-site. In fact, the Titan’s ability to increase patient throughput because of its patient-friendly features enabled Overlake to exceed its patient volume projections shortly after installation.

“When planning our new MR department, we wanted to not only have around-the-clock access to MR exams and improve workflow, but also maintain Overlake’s focus on patient safety and comfort,” said Brenda Rinehart, director of Medical Imaging, Overlake Hospital. “The Titan’s features met and even exceeded these requirements. One example is the Titan’s large, open bore and noise reduction technology, which have improved the exam experience for our claustrophobic patients. This has resulted in a decrease in the need for sedation, allowing us to image patients more rapidly and safely.”

source: Toshiba Medical