Siemens Marks First U.S. Installation of SOMATOM Definition Flash CT System

Malvern, Pa., April 27, 2009 – Highlighting lowest dose and fastest speed, Siemens Healthcare (www.usa.siemens.com/healthcare) announces Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., as the first medical facility in the United States to offer patients the innovations of the SOMATOM® Definition Flash dual-source computed tomography (CT) scanner. The SOMATOM Definition Flash requires only a fraction of the radiation dose that systems previously required to scan even the tiniest anatomical details. The fastest scanning speed in CT (i.e., 43 cm/s) and a temporal resolution of 75 ms enable complete scans of the entire chest region in just 0.6 seconds. Thus, clinicians now have the option of not requiring their patients to hold their breath during the exam.

”Interdisciplinary teamwork at Mayo, combined with industry collaborations like this, continues to support our hallmark mission of extraordinary patient care at Mayo. This second generation dual-source CT scanner offers new applications that can benefit our patients while minimizing risks,” said J.G. Fletcher, M.D., Mayo Clinic. “Reduced radiation dose and scanning speed provide new opportunities for routine use of dual energy CT. This technique helps to highlight pathologies, giving Mayo an additional tool in patient diagnosis and treatment.”

source: Siemens Healthcare

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