Unique MRI warning system protects patients from injury

THE safety of patients undergoing MRI scanning is being stepped up with the launch of a unique metal detection system developed by two Midlands specialists.

The Ferroguard system, designed by Metrasens and Smallfry, is placed near the entrance to an MRI suite and is used to screen patients for metal compounds, which can cause major problems during scanning.

Metrasens’ chief executive, Dr Simon Goodyear, explained: “The central magnet in an MRI scanner has such a powerful attraction to ferrous metals that it can hurl a porter’s trolley across a room or rip a device from the body of a patient. According to recent studies, incidents like this occur in every 1,000 scans so by immediately alerting clinicians to any trace of ferrous metal entering the MRI scanning suite, the Ferroguard system can have a dramatic effect on improving patient safety.”

source: Healthcare Equipment and Supplies


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