SensL enters PET/MRI brain imaging market

(Cork, Ireland, and San Jose, CA; 20 November, 2008) – SensL, an international low light sensing solutions provider, has announced sales of Silicon Photomultiplier technology to enable construction of two PET/MRI brain imaging systems. The sales are announced with two major international institutions: Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University, in Seoul, Korea and the Department of Radiology/Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford University in California, USA.

Both Samsung Medical Centre and Stanford University will integrate SensL's SPMArray (Position Sensitive / Multi-Anode Silicon Photomultiplier Array) into their PET/MRI systems. The SPMArray is the first commercially available, solid-state, large array detector based on silicon photomultiplier technology.

‘We are extremely excited about our entrance into this emerging market with such internationally recognized groups as Samsung Medical Center and Stanford University. PET/MRI is an emerging multi-modality technique with potential to improve the characterization of certain cancers as well as neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and enable advanced treatment monitoring.

source: SensL

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