Heart Scan with Lower Dosage Possible Using Dual-Source CT

MALVERN, Pa., July 17, 2008 – A new study reveals that, with dual-source computed tomography (DSCT), the effective dosage for a heart examination can be significantly lowered, in comparison to conventional computed tomography. The study also demonstrated that stenoses can be diagnosed with similar high accuracy as with invasive X-ray angiography.

At the University Hospital Zürich in Switzerland, 120 patients with suspected coronary heart disease were scanned with the world’s first CT scanner with two X-ray tubes, a SOMATOM® Definition from Siemens Healthcare (www.siemens.com/healthcare). The Siemens application, Adaptive Cardio Sequence with the step-and-shoot mode, was also used for the first time with a dual-source CT. The results of the study were published in the June issue of Heart, the official journal of the British Cardiovascular Society.*

source: Siemens Healthcare

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