GE Brings Molecular Imaging Into Treatment Planning Arena

GE Healthcare's next-generation volume PET/CT application is stepping beyond helping clinicians diagnose, stage, treat and monitor tumors and other lesions in the body. As demonstrated at today's opening of the 49th annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology in Los Angeles, PET VCAR (Volume Computer-Assisted Reading) is equally valuable for Radiation Therapy planning.

"PET VCAR optimizes tumor management, enabling early quantification and understanding of treatment effectiveness for precision treatment planning," said Gene Saragnese, vice president and general manager of Molecular Imaging and CT Business at GE Healthcare. "But it also is being used to measure the effectiveness of that treatment by identifying, delineating and quantifying areas of metabolic activity in PET/CT scans and, through its advanced registration capability, for quick comparison of tumor response over time."


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