Lawyer sparks distrust of MRIs

A malpractice attorney’s television advertisement has concerned doctors and panicked local patients injected with contrast drugs to enhance Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

At least four patients and some referring physicians have inquired about the safety of an ingredient in the contrast drugs, said Karen Saunders, marketing manager at Northeastern Pennsylvania Imaging Center on Stafford Avenue.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique used to produce high-quality pictures of the inside of the human body. Radiologists sometimes give patients contrast drugs with chemicals that make certain areas easier to view on the scan.

“We started getting calls last week and one lady, whose teeth are bothering her, is now sure it’s from the MRI,” Ms. Saunders said. “Prior to that, only referring physicians called us with questions in the last month.”

complete story from Scranton, PA Times-Tribune

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